Annual Report 20122013

Basingstoke Hoima Partnership For Health

Our Aim "To work with the people of Hoima Uganda to improve the delivery of healthcare"

Annual Report 2012/2013(abridged)




The Charity was incorporated by trust Deed on 11th November 2009 and is recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes. The charity is registered with the Charities Commission for England and Wales.

Charity Commission registered number 1141540.

HMRC Number: XT21617

Registered address: 14 Winchester Street, Overton, Hampshire RG25 3HS.

Bankers: HSBC Bank plc,

Barclays bank of Uganda Ltd, Hoima Branch

Charities Aid Foundation (90-day savings account),

Independent examiner of accounts: Ann Shepherd FCA, Chartered Accountant.

The charity has no premises nor any employees. All the administration of the charity is done voluntarily by the trustees.


The Trustees are pleased to present their report together with the financial statements of the charity for the year ending 4th April 2013.


The names of the trustees on 6th April 2012 were

Robert Bates (chair), Richard Waldram (treasurer and secretary), Judith Darmady, Hilary Fawcett, Rhiannon Grindle, Lorraine Major, Nigel Rossiter, Duncan Sherlock and Keith Thomson. Anne Reilly was appointed in July 2012 and Gillian Dawes in September 2012.

The objects of the Trust

The objects are ‘the relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people living permanently or temporarily within the catchment area of Hoima Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda, particularly, but not exclusively, by establishing and maintaining sustainable professional and educational partnerships between the Hampshire Hospitals National Health Service Foundation Trust in England and Hoima Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda by any means that are charitable under the law of England’.

These objects will be achieved by sending teams of volunteers from HHFT to Hoima about four times a year. The charity aims to subsidise their expenses to the extent that funds allow.

The aims of visits are

  1. To improve standards of clinical care and patient safety through ward based teaching and training.
  2. To improve operating systems to make them more efficient and effective.
  3. The provision of equipment and supplies.

It is not the purpose of visits to provide service delivery unless it is ethically necessary to intervene because lives are at immediate risk.

Structure, governance and management

The trustees meet at least four times a year. Decisions are made following discussion and agreement.


Based on the out-turn in April 2012, four visits were planned for 2012/3 in May, June-July, October and January 2013 involving up to 11 volunteers for 14 days. All of these visits were achieved, though the January visit consisted only of the chair, Robert Bates, for lack of other volunteers. See our recent visits on this site.

DfID Grant

Our grant from the Department for International Development expired in June 2012. In the final report we were able to show from audits that there had been considerable success in improving the management of obstetric emergencies and neonatal resuscitation, use of patient observation charts, drug charts and patient ID wristbands which brought praise from the assessors. However, it cannot yet be said that improvements in practice have become permanently embedded and further encouragement and reinforcement will be needed.

Independent report

In November 2012, ‘Help Hoima’ commissioned an independent report on its activities which involved semi-structured interviews with staff, including those at the Azur Clinic and Hoima Referral Hospital where the volunteer program run by BHPH is highly valued amongst hospital staff because the partnership enables the transfer of skills and knowledge and volunteers bring supplies, stationary and monitoring equipment with them.

BHPH volunteers were praised for setting up management protocols which promote sustainability. Projects that have been particularly valued are setting up the neo-natal resuscitation unit and work on patient safety, including the monitoring of patient flows and encouraging frequent observations of patients.

The concerns were that the challenging conditions in the hospital put off potential staff. Low levels of staffing as well as unreliable salary payments have led to the feeling that staff are over-worked which has in turn results in a lack of motivation.

Unexpected Developments

The Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health announced a ‘Global Links Volunteer Programme’, to include Uganda. The plan is to send paediatricians in training on rotation for six month periods. Dr Jean Bowyer will be the first of these at Hoima. BHPH has been involved in negotiating the job plan, mentoring and accommodation.

REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2012 – 2013

It has been a most encouraging and productive year for the Partnership. We wish to congratulate our colleagues in Hoima for demonstrable improvements in clinical practice and patient safety which they have achieved despite the lack of staff, equipment and resources. BHPH has had an enabling role and we are more than pleased to have done so.

It was particularly good that we could conclude the DfID grant with such positive results though much remains to be done.

The Trustees have long been aware that four brief visits a year will result in slow progress and we have looked for ways of having volunteers ‘on the ground’ for longer. Because of our established presence in Hoima, there is now the prospect of having paediatric and obstetric doctors from the UK in six-month rotation for several years to come. Our visiting teams will help to support them and they will carry on the work in between visits. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.

Links with the Hoima School of Nursing have strengthened during the year. Plans for teaching in the school and on the wards are included on every visit.

The trustees were most encouraged by the positive independent report since staff attitudes towards the Partnership are crucial to its success.

The Trustees wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us this year. Foremost are the 30 volunteers who paid for their own air fares, gave us their holiday time and committed their energy to make the visits successful. Thanks also to those who used their time and energy to raise money on our behalf and those who gave so generously to support this work.

Robert Bates MD FRCOG


6th April 2013


Has a population of 585,000

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