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Basingstoke Hoima Partnership For Health

Our Aim "To work with the people of Hoima Uganda to improve the delivery of healthcare"

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If you work for the HHFT Trust in a clinical or technical role or as a manager you may see this as a golden opportunity to broaden your skills and experience. The Trust may give you special paid leave so it may not all come out of your holiday and study leave time. We also want to hear from you if you work in General Practice or the Community because your skills are particularly needed too. We are developing links with the Hampshire Clinic as well.

We intend to make three or four visits a year lasting about two weeks. Each visit will have defined objectives for which we need people with particular knowledge and skills. This means we won’t necessarily be able to fit you into the very next visit. We can tell you what BHPH will pay for and what expenses we are not able to cover.

If you would like to join one of our teams in Hoima click here to find out more and to register


We also want to help them by taking out drugs, medical supplies and equipment, textbooks and journals so if you can help us with that please let us know. Maybe you have other skills that would be useful to a small charity. Do please get in contact.


If you can help us by organising a fund raising event please let us know your ideas. If you would like to raise money for us by a sponsored event like running a marathon you can do it via our home page on their website.


And of course we need money. Our best guess at the moment is about £25,000 a year for at least the next five years. There are three things you can be sure of:

We believe our charity should be well managed and administered. All of that will be done voluntarily by the Trustees.

All the money you can give will be spent to the benefit of patients at Hoima and it will be handled by people you can trust.

When we spend your money we will tell you what has been achieved (if you would like that and we have your e-mail address).

If you want to make a donation by cash or cheque, please send it to our address. If you are a taxpayer please use the Gift Aid form. Gift Aid allows us to reclaim 28% tax on top of what you give. Alternatively, you can do it online at.

Better still, you could choose to give a regular amount by standing order which allows us to plan ahead. Standing Order Instruction.

If you are employed, the simplest way to give regularly is by Payroll Giving where an amount chosen by you is taken off your salary before your income tax is calculated. That way, a donation of £10 only costs a basic-rate taxpayer £8 and a higher-rate tax payer only £6. Your payroll manager will tell you if your employer offers payroll giving. A simple form is all it takes to set it up. At HHFT the system is up and running. Just call at the payroll office for a form.


Has a population of 585,000

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If you work for the HHFT Trust in a clinical or technical role or as a manager you may see this as a golden opportunity to broaden your skills and experience..

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